DIRECTV Internet Bundle Options

One of the best ways to save money is to combine services into one bill. This is how many people are recovering from the recession without having to give up what has become some of the necessities of life. Bundling your phone, TV and Internet service together can save you tons each month, and bring you better service. When this website compared access bundles, they found that the DIRECTV Internet and full service access bundle was one of the best deals around. It rated as one of the best not just in affordability, but in reliability and service features that you can get with it.

What type of DIRECTV Internet can I get?

There are three basic types of Internet that you can get through DIRECTV – broadband, DSL or Satellite. Which one is available to you is going to depend on where you live. DIRECTV works with its own franchise operators to provide you with service and installation.  The network that is used could be the property of DIRECTV, or it could be the network of one of their many partners. This is why they are able to come into an area and offer a satellite or DSL service when they may not be the owners of the cable or satellite itself. The other companies are willing to partner with DIRECTV for many reasons. For one, part of the funding that a company receives to place DSL lines or to put a satellite up are from the government and they come with the condition that they must be will to share the service with other companies. The income from this “rented network space” helps to defray the overall operating cost of the company more than the income from the provision of direct service would do.

Who are the DIRECTV partners?

DIRECTV Internet partnersYou may be surprised to find out who some of DIRECTV’s partners are. If you are receiving satellite service through them, you may actually be served by Hugesnet – their main satellite partner. They also have partnership agreements with Verizon, Mediacom, Exede, Cincinnati Bell, AT&T and Windstream among others. No matter where DIRECTV is, you can be sure that you are benefitting from a partnership with other major communication service companies that will deliver the service you need. When you sign up for a bundled account with DIRECTV they may provide you cable, Verizon will do the phone service and Hughesnet be your Internet provider – but the billing and rates will all be managed and originated by DIRECTV provider services.

Do I have to have a bundled service?

DIRECTV Internet bundlesWhile you don’t have to have a bundled service to get the DIRECTV Internet, but you may want to look at the difference between paying for TV packages and phone service in addition to your Internet. Sometimes the discount for getting the bundled service is worth it. If you don’t need one of the services in the bundle, you can talk to a service representative to see if it can be removed and the price adjusted. This option isn’t always available, but it may be in your area. You can also order the service as independent options and add services to it later. You can convert your month to month or 24 month service contract to reflect a new plan when you do this.